Fire Safety Training Courses

Our Fire Safety training courses are designed to give understanding of the responsibilities and accountability of fire legislation with an overview of current Fire Safety Legislation relating to workplace operations. Fire safety courses are ideal for delegates responsible for fire prevention in the workplace or construction sites.

Our Fire Safety training courses are designed to give delegates the skills and knowledge to assist in the duties of evacuation in the event of a fire with considerably lower risks to themselves and others, and give knowledge of work place requirements. Candidates will participate in theory lessons and practical demonstrations / exercises, all of which are highlighted by the use of Video Presentations covering. Topics include: Identification of Extinguishers, Safety issues in tackling fires, Types of fire and smoke spread, Safe use of extinguishers & Correct methods of fire attack and safe withdrawal. On successful completion of a Fire Safety training course you will be issued with a card and certification, valid for 3 years.

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